7+day Forecast. Starting Friday 08/11/2019

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Friday’s forecast isn't looking quite as dry as it previously was, but the showers should be lighter than on Thursday and much less frequent, then overnight, they should die away altogether. Although there should be some decent spells of sunshine, it's probably going to be the coldest day of the week. Only reaching 10C at best during the day, and dropping off to about 6C overnight. Throughout the day, the wind will be moderate to fresh N’ly. So, much like on Tuesday, the south coast will be the most comfortable area by a longshot.

Surf and Tide

Hopefully some clean 1-2 footers at Petit Bot and maybe even some good 3 footers at Petit Port through late morning and lunchtime. Low water will be 3.5m at 10am and high water 7.7m at 4pm.



A dry and calm start to the day, but the wind and the cloud will increase through the morning, with persistent and fairly heavy rain setting in around noon. By late afternoon the wind will have switched to a strong NW’ly and the rain will have scattered into occasional showers. A little sunshine should sneak through before dusk and this time, the best places to exploit it will be Town, Fermain, Moulin Huet, Saints or Petit Bot.

Surf and Tide

West coast at dawn for the best sesh. Probably 3-feet and clean for that one. Low water 3m at 10:40am, high water 8.2m at 4:40pm.



Very much like Friday, with a few heavy showers at first but these gradually becoming fewer and lighter as the day goes on. Some decent sunshine at times, but some south coast shelter will be requires to escape that fresh to strong N‘ly wind.

Surf and Tide

It's looking good for the south coast again, especially in the early afternoon when we should see a strong 4-5 feet. Low water 2.5m at 11:20am, high water 8.6m at 5:20pm.

Next Week.

The daily details are very uncertain but we will basically follow the same repetitive pattern that we have this week… winds flitting between SW’ly and N’ly, temperatures staying low and of course, lots more of the wet stuff.

The next update should be with you on Sunday evening.

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