7-day Forecast. Starting Monday 09/12/2019

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Huge rough seas and howling NW’ly winds to kick off the day. The winds at least should ease as the day progresses, but it’s only going to be a very gradual process. On the plus side, it should at least be mostly dry and sunny, so if you get into a sheltered nook, such as Fermain or Moulin Huet, then it could actually be relatively pleasant.

Surf and Tide

Overnight, the waves will have picked up to well over 20 feet in the Channel, so with winds from the northwest all day, and gradually becoming lighter, the south coast could really offer some rare treats (photos please). Tides; 2.9m low at 10:40am, then 8.1m high at 4:40pm.



Strengthening winds with incoming persistent and rather heavy rain. By the end if the day, temperatures should have risen to a humid 12-13C in most parts of the island, but they will take a pretty sharp dive overnight, when an active cold front sweeps through, switching the wind from a near-gale SSW’ly to similarly strong W’ly.

Surf and Tide

Super-clean waves all day. One swell will be fading as another one arrives, so it's a hard one to determine the size, but my best estimate is about 3 feet at dawn, then double or perhaps triple that by dusk. Tides; 2.6m low at 11:20am, then 8.6m high at 5:20pm.



Force 6-7 W’ly winds all day, with squally showers of rain or hail occasionally bringing gusts of about 50mph. Top temps of only 8-9C on this day, and feeling much colder due to the wind-chill.

Surf and Tide

Very messy surf in the 6-10feet range; definitely one for the windsurfers this. Tides; 2.2m low at midday, then 8.8m high at 6pm.

Thursday and Friday

It doesn't look as though things willl simmer down at all. Showers will be frequent and occasionally rain will be persistent. The wind direction will be WNW’ly for the most part, and strong or perhaps occasionally gale force. The tides will be on the large side, so the west coast will be very splash n the mornings and evenings, but it's not panic stations, with the highs generally around 9.1 to 9.2m.

The Weekend

Little change expected to the very unsettled weather story. However, nothing is particularly certain at the moment so be sure to keep an eye on the updates.

The next forecast update should be on Tuesday evening.

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