7+day Forecast. Starting Wednesday 20/11/2019

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Honestly, I'm not pulling your leg this will be the second dry day on the trot! Yes indeed, just like Tuesday we are in for a day of thick high cloud and just a few bobbly low ones. Some sunshine will manage to penetrate the high cloud, but it will be very hazy and milky at best, doing very little to lift temperatures. The max will only be between 8 and 9C, and the fresh SE’ly wind will make hats and gloves a very wise choice of accessories.

Surf and Tide

Clean as a whistle 6-8 foot waves on the west-coast. It really really doesn't get much better than this for surfers, especially with the small tide sharing the waves throughout the day… 7.4m high at precisely midday.



Rain should be upon us by dawn, if not very soon after. This will persist until around lunchtime, when it will fragment into showers. A little brightness will probably reveal itself before dusk, but this won't mean we've seen the last of the showers. Indeed the fresh to strong S’ly wind should keep the intermittent downpours coming and going until the backend of the night.

Surf and Tide

Extremely good surf again, six feet and clean all day. Low water will be about 3.6m at 7:20am. High water will be about 7.3m at 1:20pm.



I don't want to rule out the chance of a shower in the early part of the morning and perhaps again in the evening and overnight, but we are probably looking at a mostly dry day on Friday. The max temperature should be a much milder 11C, maybe even 12C, but the SE’ly wind will be a strong force 6 until late in the night, so I doubt that the various hats and gloves will be retiring into their wardrobes.

Surf and Tide

Smaller surf but still fantastic in the grand scheme. 3-4 feet and clean, probably best late morning on the beaches and lunchtime on the reefs. Low water will be about 3.2m at 8:50am. High water will be about 8m at 2:40pm.

The Weekend

Earlier in the week it looked as though Saturday might be nicer than Sunday. There is still room for change in the forecast, as it now looks more likely to be wet and murky through the majority of Saturday, then dry and bright but rather breezy on Sunday. Temperatures should be just on the mild side of the November norm, peaking at around 12C and minimising at 8-9C. Winds; moderate E’ly on Saturday, then fresh SW!ly on Sunday.

Next Week

A consistently mild SW’ly airflow will bring an alternating wet and dry sequence throughout the week, as low-pressure systems brush by the mouth of the Channel, with their various weather fronts sweeping eastwards across the islands. Given that things will be a bit milder than of late, then don't be surprised if we see the odd brief bout of mist and hill-fog, when these weather-fronts sweep through. However there should also be some decent spells of brightness in between, with Town always tending to get along the best.

The next forecast update should be on Thursday evening.

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